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Cultural representation is at a high in the millennial generation close in number to the silent generation and baby boomers.

Its OK to be proud of who you are! No matter how you do it and represent it, someone is going to disapprove. So i learned, you cant fight back fight back with aggression or hatred when looked down on. Take it, put it in a passion and let it flourish! Through fashion and my brand, ill always be able to "SAY IT LOUD"

I want to promote cultural and generational confidence. Be proud of your culture, race, and who you are. 

Speak confidence in yourself, in your "legacy; and your CHILDREN they are what we truly leave behind after our time. I'm  here to set the example for mine. i want my great grandchildren to know the standards i set.

#IAM strong,smart,a leader, a individual

ONES LEGACY what will your imprint be?


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